Support for third party keyboard/mouse

Hi all, I recently a Librem 14 on which I’ve been running PureOS 10 and it’s been awesome. My boss recently gifted me a monitor and apple magic mouse and keyboard. As much as I started using Purism/Linux out of a dissatisfaction with apple, I really do love their keyboard and mouse.

Much to my dismay, clicking and moving my mouse work perfectly but the two finger scroll is disabled and looks like I need to run a script to enable the driver. Has anybody dealt with this? I found some old forum posts about this issue on other Linux distros but I’m new enough to Linux that I wanted to ask directly.

As for the keyboard, I wanted to change some keyboard shortcuts such that they make sense with both the keyboards on my Librem 14 and my external apple magic keyboard (which was also on my previous laptop). In particular this would be changing copy/paste/quit/etc from “control” + “c/v/q/etc” to “super/apple” + “c/v/q”. I do see keyboard shortcuts in settings but unfortunately these ones don’t seem to be there. Does anybody know how I could make that change?