SUSI.AI smart speaker release work on Debian


The guy who now has my boot in his neck for giving it his best shot and ruining my backpack ballistic plate in the process?

I expect similar protective measures will be taken/discovered as needed but for peoples nodes.


Yes, that’s called endpoint protection. But not all people use them (as well as ballistic plates) as majority relies (delegates) on someone else to do that.


what ? he tried to stab you THROUGH the backpack ? lol

some pro that was. how do you protect your soft spot between your clavicule and neck then ? the left side i mean …


I’m assuming I’d catch that in peripheral vision. Maybe not stop it, but I’d probably see it coming. Besides, I think random stabby stabby person on the street is probably going to be pretty sloppy and be going for quantity of lunges over quality.

Ah, see the capitalist in me sniffs opportunity there. Just like now the average person isn’t going to bother with LAMP, dovecot, post…f#ck it, citadel! to set up non yahoo or google email but they can subscribe to librem one. Who knows what will be required in the future?, but it is interesting.