Suspend battery drain? S3 vs s0ix [Librem 14 / Coreboot / Intel ME]

Does the Librem 14 with the Intel ME disabled drain battery very quickly on suspend?

I was reading about the Star Labs Starbook, and they apparently have implemented S3 suspend, so that there is minimal battery loss when in suspend, which is a custom workaround to the default s0ix suspend that ships with modern intel processors. With Intel ME disabled, s0ix apparently has dramatic battery drain on suspend. Coming back to a dead laptop after not using it can be inconvenient.

Does the Librem 14 use S3 or s0ix?

There were reports of L13 draining too much power due to specific RAM module. Around 40% over night.

I tried the RAM in new L14 and it also drains a lot. But with other RAM modules it’s just few percent a day. Still I could imagine it can be better.

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S3. Si0x cannot be used with a disabled ME as it depends on the ME.

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