Suspend to ram issues?

Hi all,

I’m running into suspend issues on my Librem15. I use Archlinux instead of PureOS:

$ uname -a Linux shz 4.7.2-1-ARCH #1 SMP PREEMPT Sat Aug 20 23:02:56 CEST 2016 x86_64 GNU/Linux

$ pacman -Qi xf86-video-intel
Name : xf86-video-intel
Version : 1:2.99.917+703+g15c5ff1-1

I tried different combinations of AccelMethod and DRI parameters. The only configuration that allows me to resume from suspend is when I completely disable DRI. With any other combinations it either freezes (with no trails in any logs) immediately or when I try to start something that uses graphics (e.g. mpv or firefox).

Kernel module parameters also do not seem to make any difference (played with i915_enable_rc6 and lvds_downclock).

Interestingly enough, suspend to disk works just fine.

I wonder if anybody else seeing similar issues. I’d appreciate any suggestions. Also, assuming it works in PureOS, what are the kernel and xorg driver versions used there and what are the settings used?


Did you consult ?

Well, the only thing there that could apply to my case is acpi_os_name. I did try couple of options to no avail. That’s why I’m interested in kernel/xf86-video-intel versions used in PureOS (I’m pretty confident it’s video driver related). I guess, I could try figuring it out myself, but hoped that somebody would give me a quick answer.

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For those interested. I switched from xf86-video-intel to modesetting driver. Now suspend works.

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For the record, I’ve been running mine on Fedora 24 for over a week now, suspending and resuming without any issues out of the box, so I guess Arch sometimes needs a few tweaks here and there; good thing you found the solution for your issue!