Swapping SSD on a new L14 from old L13

I am expecting my new Librem 14 to arrive in the mail tomorrow or the next day. A little annoyed that the flash sale code was announced only a few days afterwards, but such is life.

I have a Librem 13. If, before powering on the new one, I swap out its SSD for the one in my L13, would it start up just fine with my encryption password that was in my L13 or is there something about a new machine that means I can’t do that? Similarly, I was planning on putting the SSD that comes with the L14 into the old L13 before I give it to my brother. That will work just like a new computer when he powers it on, won’t it?

I mean, there isn’t anything in the BIOS of either machine that would affect the ability to swap the drives, is there?


You can swap M.2 disk, yes, not 2.5" disk (as Librem 14 does not have 2.5" slot). For the operating system on your disk: if it is PureOS 9, make sure to upgrade to PureOS 10 (as PureOS 9 does not work with Librem 14).


Can you swap any other components out of an old Librem 13 (V3) into a Librem 14? I was wondering if I can add the 32gb ram I have to complement (say) the 32gb in a new model to make it 64gb?

Not having either device, I would say that the RAM will probably fit and work, but if it’s slower than the 14’s RAM, then both sticks will operate at the lower speed. In that case you would actually get a downgrade in performance.

Cool, thanks @Gavaudan, I guess I can check if the performance downgrade would be an issue. My Librem is a few years old now, so would expect a reduction in performance.