Switch or buttons

If is possible i suggest to use buttons kill switch on librem5 because seems more resistant and a silicon cover coult protect them better and when inserted on pocket we don’t have the risk to switch as mistake

I’d like to see on home screen the switches status like we saw in a design mockup you posted in twitter during the campaign

I oppose buttons as kill switches. They MUST be slide switches. It is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to visually tell if a button is in the on position or the off position.


Very true. And relying on software to tell you the state of the switch kind of defeats the purpose of the switch.


what about disabling wifi or cellphone data, then put the phone on your pocket and turn on accidentally one of them?

i understand your concerns, but i think is more secure have hardware buttons to phisically kill the voltage instead switches to avoid the “pocket issue”, with software status on the screen, so when i will disable i can check the status on the screen, and using only trusted free software from repo’s it shouldn’t be a problem to do not trust the software status

another solution if you don’t like hardware+software solution, but i don’t see problems because it’s all free software, and if is not too much power hungry, could be a small red led who turn on when something is off close to every button