Switching from iMessage back to regular SMS?

One of the last things keeping me from using Librem5 daily is that so many of my conversations are using iMessage. When I was trying to use the Librem5 fully back around the holidays I realized I was missing conversations because they were still writing me with iMessage. Luckily my wife was on them and we realized I was out of the loop!

Curious if anyone has figured out a good way to swap out your imessage inclusion in the group back to your regular phone number to make the chat go seamlessly back to an MMS style group chat?

Thinking through this, it might actually be easier to get the car bluetooth handsfree connections working in the car (That’s my other struggle)!


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This is less about setting things up for the librem5 and more about removing thr old reference from the apple ecosystem.

The group chats will ultimately need to be recreated, according to what I’ve read as well as the experience of people I know. This is not because of an issue with the Librem 5 (or android), this is an issue of Apple making more friction than necessary to leave their walled garden.


Thanks for the quick reply. That lines up with what I was thinking, just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something. If I can get the car to work I might actually try to go through with the conversation restarts.

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And the more direct link to the Apple page helping to de-register from iMessage (skipping Google):

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