SYNC of PureOS and Librem and Pinephone64

So one of the things I Hate with Android, is the only way to “sync” devices, if via Google and a Google account. This is just a violation of Privacy. Actually it is a violation of everything. I can connect my phone to my PC via usb cable and I can “push” things to and from the phone,
Has there or will there be a method of syncing browser, calendar, other options between PureOS desktop/laptop, and/or Librem Laptop and/or PinePhone 64 pro which uses pureOS?
As I understand it, PureOS has a KDE (Plasma) desktop option, and that means ““KDE Connect”” app can be used to share things with each device.
BUT I want the FULL SYNC option. Calendar being top priority like I had 10years ago on M$ (Mircosoft) where I could sync to my phone, by simply plugging in a cable and running the program, which included music, and photos.

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I find the convenience of Nextcloud to sync these things over the network to be preferable to over USB personally. From what I’ve seen there’s no simple gui method currently to sync over USB and instead this would involve the command line at least in part.

Also, Nextcloud can be used with Android to sync all of those things without syncing them to Google.

Will someone build a gui front end for that command line sync process eventually, probably. But I don’t think it’s going to be a high priority for a while.

It should be possible to write a sync script and link to it, to execute from a click on any icon. The result would be a desktop “sync” button that causes a sync. You could also run a sync at regular intervals as a cron job. Even if you don’t have a clue about how to write the script, it is easy to use Google to find an example to model your script on. There are two ways this might be done. One way would be to execute something that was designed to work with a given application. Another way would be to find the source and destination directories and just use the “cp” command and appropriate switches to update directories.

USB should result in the creation of a network between the Librem 5 and the host. So synching over USB should be identical to synching over e.g. WiFi. However as a one-off exercise, you may need to configure the network at each end. (Personally I am more than happy to synch via WiFi - rather than having to go physically to the server and connect in via a cable.)

This may be viable if only synching “one-way” i.e. server has master copy and anyone who connects gets a copy of the master copy. I don’t know how well this works if synching “two-way” i.e. merging information in both directions.

Since its linux you can sync whatever you want with no restrictions. There is an infinite number of manual options that you can setup for yourself. For an automatic sync of calendars/contacts/files/etc setting up a personal nextcloud server is a good option. You don’t need to use KDE connect with the KDE desktop, there is a gnome extension called gsconnect that will connect with your kde-connect enabled devices, but this doesn’t provide calendar and other syncing stuff that you are looking for and also doesn’t have a client app for linux mobile devices yet

I mentioned the USB cable as how I do it now. Many years ago with M$ I had a Nokia phone, Nokia cable and Nokia Software. It was this Nokia software the synced outlook contacts, etc, with the Mobile Nokia built in “apps”.
I am not bothered if it sync’s over WiFi. As long as it’s when I choose, and over my secure network or cables.
Since OpojOJirYAlG made a request, I’ll add one.
M$ Outlook and the other Outlook business version, had a “BACKUP” version the compressed (in my case) annually all my emails, appointments, etc into a single file. I could then delete that years emails (including all the funnies and cartoons) and if I needed to re-read something, I could just load that years backup and read through.
Thunderbird DOESN’T do this at all. PureOS Calendar I haven’t checked yet. I wanted to know if syncing was possible before I purchased.

StevenR mentioned Making one a master, and the others slaves to it. It’ sort of could work. But if I add a contact on my phone whilst out-and-about, then sync, I’ll lose that contact

As it doesn’t appear without programming skills, (I’ll add it to my to-do list), Honestly and thanks to all whom have replied, I am not all that interested in changing. I’ll continue to run PureOS as a VM (since it error’s out trying to Dual, I mean quad boot on my laptop with other things, including M$. (Hey. It came with the laptop, thought it might be kinda fun to screw around with… Again)
Thanks to you all