Sync Thunderbird & Gnome Calendar

If I enter any calendar info into Thunderbird (Lightening) it doesn’t show up in the Gnome Calendar. I did find a blog where someone walked through steps to get that to work (, but it didn’t. Any ideas about getting this to work?

The guide you cite is for Evolution, a different application than Thunderbird.

Beyond pointing that out, I am useless for this issue. I’m sorry!

Actually, this guide is for somehow integrating Thunderbird’s Lightening into Evolution and then that hooks into the Gnome Calendar. It actually does work! It turns out I didn’t wait long enough to see the results. But once it somehow all synced up any changes to Thunderbird showed up immediately in the Gnome Calendar.

I just looked at it more closely, and tinkered further. I got it working, too :slight_smile:

dc3p. Now it’s not working for me. Have you experienced the same?

Are the calendar only stored local or do you have an network account like nextcloud?

Local, per the instructions in the link in an earlier post. I tried setting up NextCloud, but didn’t work. Have to research that when I have time.

Regarding syncing Thunderbird with Nextcloud calendar, contacts and tasks you can have a look at this tutorial:

Regarding integrating syncing GNOME calendar with Nextcloud there is also this howto:

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