Syncing music to/from iPhone


I’ve been manually managing music copying to/from my iPhone, but I’ve never been able to get the phone to appear in Rhythmbox as others have reported. I can see the phone is accessible using gio mount and files within using gio ls, but haven’t found a way to automate syncing. I was able to sync using rsync with the path to the mounted phone directory some time ago, but at some point, that directory disappeared even though I can navigate to it in the file browser. Does anyone have a guide/resource for this? Seems like it is very possible.

Apple does its best to make things difficult.

It may help to tell us what iOS version. How are you connecting the iPhone to your computer? USB? Network (WiFi)?

I may not be much help though because I have exactly zero music on my iPhone.

What is the directory on the iPhone that is of interest to you?

Hey, thanks for replying!

I’m on the current version of iOS (15.1.1) and connected via USB. I use foobar2000 on my phone to listen to music, though I am open to using any other app that supports flac files.

If I navigate to the folder through the file browser, the location in the location bar is afc://XXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX:3/

I used to sync using this command:

rsync -vr --ignore-existing Music/ /run/user/1000/gvfs/afc\:\/\/host\=XXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX\,port\=3/

At some point, that stopped working, complaining that the directory doesn’t exist, which seems to be true. Perhaps it moved at some point with some kind of update…? I’ve searched for the folder name from root with no matches. I’d prefer to use something through the UI or not written by me as that is more error prone, like through the Rhythmbox UI as I’ve seen in other articles.