System installation problem. pureOS

Hey, I got a problem with fixing pure. a black screen shows me a user name and password. what’s the solution?

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Have you already installed, or is this from a Live USB?
Are you using a Librem laptop, or some other hardware?



Besides the questions above that are pertinent, you can try the solution on this wiki page, were it says “Problem 1”:

I didn’t prove anything I’m from the USB live only all it was I burned pureos on the flash memory and selected to install the system appeared that black screen

I don’t know the user’s name and password, because I didn’t install the system.!

The password is “live”

However, if you are getting that prompt, then you are probably trying to use it on incompatible hardware. PureOS only includes 100% free software, which means it doesn’t include proprietary drivers required for most hardware.


Hey, guys. I added the Debian warehouses through.
deb buster main contrib non-free
deb-src buster main contrib non-free
deb buster main

Then I installed a package.firmware-linux-nonfree
sudo apt install firmware-linux-nonfree
Then I installed the pureos package.
sudo apt-get pureos-desktop

And succeed all of those additions so I can add the definitions of closed and smoke of the widget still the screen is black I can’t install the system the strange thing I’m after extra warehouses shut down the device and the girl again. I don’t find the repositories that you added Even though you have saved through nano
What’s the solution?