System suspend while charging

Hi all,

In preparation of receiving my Librem 5 in the (hopefully) not too distant future, I switched back to PureOS GNOME-only. I much prefer KDE, but am trying to force myself to use GNOME as an experimental experience.

When using KDE, I had very fine control over suspend and hibernate functions, but that doesn’t seem to be the case in GNOME. My system suspends after some time, even when connected to power / on charge. I would expect the system to not do this, or at least to provide some setting – but I can find none within the GNOME DE.

Am I missing something?


Please forgive me, the simplicity of GNOME got me. I overlooked the option that said “on” for automatic suspend. It didn’t appear to be more than an on-off toggle, so I did not click it until just now for giggles.

A minor GUI change here would be good :smiley: