System76's new open source keyboard

This gotta be of some interest for some people here:

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I admit that I was interested in it to begin with, but as I am a UHK, Planck, and Moonlander user there is literally zero about this board that is of any interest. It almost seems like a hipster move by System76.

Still I’m not trying to knock them too much, just not very interested in this.

I can’t function without a numpad.

Maybe I’m just cheap, but I don’t see how the price of this keyboard is justifiable. It uses switches from a Cherry knockoff brand, has no tenkeys, uses keycaps with dye-sub legends instead of double shot, and uses already-existing firmware.

If I had to guess, I’d say using the XDA profile for the keycaps instead of something more common, using a custom PCB, and using a milled chassis inflated the price, but even with those accounted for, this is absurdly expensive.

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It doesn’t fully meet my requirements, too but it’s cool to see a more open development and customizable layouts.

I think I’ll never find a keyboard that will meet all of my requirements.