T-Mobile 800 and landlines not working?

Anyone else have an issue with calling/receiving calls from business lines and landlines? Cell phones work okay but randomly some numbers don’t connect at all, doesn’t even ring.

This sounds very much like the typical “lack of VoLTE” issue that some are experiencing on US networks as 3G is gradually shutting down.

I have regular GSM/UMTS non-VoLTE phone with T-Mobile. I never had this issue before announcement of 3G shutdown but now I do have exact that issue when calling to cell phone (I don’t call to landline, so can’t tell about that). This is random for same location (I asked to make sure other cell phone didn’t change location between success and failure). In fact I can reach voicemail box and leave message, but other person never receives that voice message. I guess this has nothing to do with L5 modem or landline, but related to network upgrade for VoLTE this year in general…
…and as you can see (https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/mobile-broadband/ModemManager/-/issues/378) Purism stuck waiting for upstream fix, that doesn’t have any progress for a long time already. :sleepy:

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