T-UI Easy Terminal Launcher

Hello, on my Android phone. I have been using T-UI app launcher. And it’s sick and simple to use. Actually been easier to find and open apps and read RSS feeds. Have notes displayed directly. I love this thing.
I would be interested in having one of these on the Librem 5. Can we have this?

The Librem 5 will have a Terminal since it’s running PureOS (be it GNOME or KDE or whatever you choose)

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Yes, of course. But as the home app launcher. I don’t think you got what I meant. If you haven’t used T-UI then it’s hard to understand. But T-UI is very simple, as searching, you get a list of apps and by clicking the name of the app, it launches. With the linux terminal it’s a bit complicated and not as fast or user friendly for beginners.
And I want it to be the app launcher, not a terminal app, I need to open to open another app, when I basically can open anything from the app drawer…