Tags almost impossible to read with dark theme

I like to think I have fairly good eyesight, but I find it really hard to see the tags on forum posts with the dark theme enabled:

In particular I think the bright squares next to the text draw the eye away from the text. It would probably be easier to read if the text were a little lighter.

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Hmm, the layout doesn’t look like that for me. How do you have the subject and tags up next to the Purism forum?

This is what I see

This was after I clicked on the thread. If you go to the “Lack of Discussions” thread I think you’ll see it.

Ah, I see, yes, scrolling down in threads produces that effect. I see the same issue as you now once scrolled down.

The Purism forum software is Discourse, so it’s probably more of an issue with the Discourse software rather than anything on Purism’s end.

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i see what you mean.

i also don’t like how the log-out button got buried under the user-name.

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I’d hope Discourse at least gives forum admins the ability to change forum colors. If not, I don’t understand why anyone would use Discourse over phpBB or similar forum software. The only thing it seems to have going for it is its modern look.