Tails alternative on a different network

Tor cannot handle UDP unlike another network I know like i2p. I do not know many but I am interested what other options there are other than tails as I can’t do peer to peer file sharing on tails which is a bummer. Also,what other networks are there? I know the people that get deanonymised on tor are because they have poor opsec in other parts of their life and not a fault of the tor network though tor could technically get someone if they have entrance and exit node under their control. Is there another network that can handle udp and has the same if not better security than tor?

I think you answered your question and I2P is the answer. It is in many ways better than Tor, except the number of users and therefore security audits: https://geti2p.net/en/comparison/tor.

Tails used to have I2P included, but they removed it due to lack of maintenance AFAIK. I wish someone took that work… If you would like to use I2P securely now, I recommend trying to set it up on Qubes OS. Recent guide: https://qubes-os.discourse.group/t/my-first-workable-i2p-in-qubes/3212.

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