TAILS on librem 13


Hey folks,

I am unable to get working my usb stick with tails installed on the librem 13.
The key works well on others laptop, with a persistent storage encrypted.
At the boot menu, it’s not recognized at all.

Any advice?


I don’t own a Librem13 yet, so only can suggest what I would check to have any laptop ready to boot up:

Can you access the files on your usb stick when you plug in in your Librem 13 running PureOS? (to determine the usb stick is recognized and with proper TAILS system files)

Is the boot process set to check first usb port before internal hard disk OS system?
(if you have booted up your Librem13 before from usb with another linux distro probably the problem is on the usb stick itself, or the TAILS image/iso was not correctly written)