Take ownership of TPM with Librem Key


I bought a Librem 13V3 with TPM, changed OS to Ubuntu 18.04 and then bought a Librem Key later.
During boot, I don’t see any 6-digit code or QR code to validate the boot and I don’t know how to set up my Librem Key to work with the Librem13.

During boot, current state of TPM is:
Enabled & active
Ownership has been taken.

Can someone pls help with instructions to setup Librem Key to function like in this video?



Hi all,

I just received a Librem15v4 with a Librem Key.

I followed the instructions at:
To setup my key and all is good on this side.

But I could not find an additional documentation regarding the usage of both key and TPM.

Thanks in advance for any answers.