Telegram Desktop is fine now

The other day a FF update and revert damaged my .mozilla configuration and I lost all bookmarks w/o a backup (lesson learned).
So I gave Telegram Desktop a try again and magically the OSK is now visible fine. See

The version is 3.7.3

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Telegram is broken on Phosh since version 4.2 so it’s normal it looks fine on 3.something. What is surprising is that such an old version works at all (for sure, at some point they will decide they don’t want to keep supporting it)

I used to run the Flatpak version 4.1.1 but it got deleted from Flathub so now I just got used to typing my messages without seeing what I’m typing.

I started studying the code of purple-tdlib with a hope to make it work on Chatty (for now I’m upgrading it to the latest tdlib version), then I can throw telegram “desktop” away for good. As tdlib is maintained by the Telegram people It’s a more long-term strategy than hanging on old versions of telegram-desktop.

So, scaling it doesn’t solve this?
I use Telegram scaled to 170%. Can see the input line just fine.

(version 4.10.3)

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Hum, it does actually! I feel a little dumb right now… :grimacing: I thought I had tried that before…

Now the text is very small but maybe I’ll get used to it.

Thank you :sweat_smile:

Your welcome! I need my reading glasses to decipher the messages :wink:

Do you think it would be possible to make telegram-cli using this? Is it written in C?

Yes it would be possible of course, but likely a major undertaking. For reference, tdlib-purple (which you could think is “just plumbing” between tdlib and libpurple) is over ten thousand lines of code.

Maybe a simple client with limited features would be shorter. You can look at the tutorials and examples on the tdlib web page, if I remember correctly they explain how to write a mini-client.

Tdlib provides bindings for many languages but “native” version is C++.