Telegram (flatpak version) not displaying correctly

I am having problems with Telegram on the Librem 5. It doesn’t look right on the phone’s screen. I have tried it both with and without qtwayland5 installed, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. Either way it doesn’t work properly for me. Toggling the OSK on/off leaves an empty space below the telegram window. Also, in app switching mode, Telegram has a “?” in a circle as icon. Further more, the message display is kind of blurry and not “crisp” as in e.g. Chatty.

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Hi tomoqv, did you install it using the Terminal?

Yes, I did.

and anyway it’s not possible to use it properly, right?

It is usable, but nowhere near as nice as the outdated version in the repos that I used previously. It just feels like a poorly coded app for the phone.

Do you know if is possible to upload Teleports, the Ubuntu Touch client of Telegram? I’m not an expert. but it works quite fine on my Vollaphone with Ubuntu Touch

This morning I had an indicator message saying that Telegram had been updated. After reinstalling qtwayland5 and rebooting, the Telegram app now works as expected.