Telegram native app

I’d like ask you about support for mainstream apps. My IM service of choice is Telegram and
I’d like to know whether I’ll be able download native app on the phone since I’m seriously
considering buying the phone and use it as my main driver.

There’s Telegram app supported on Ubuntu Touch but it is rather outdated and lacks standard features. Mainly because UT hasn’t got stable funding. It’s community-driven.

Since Purism has a decent funding have developers thought about doing native support for Telegram with all its features ?

Have you seen the existing thread about Telegram on the Librem 5?

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I’d personally prefer Signal, but why not both?

I know as far as Signal is concerned, that the Signal developers don’t really like other people making clients. Though it is all open source, development is mostly restricted to Open Whisper Systems. And while there is a Linux desktop client for Signal, it just syncs through the phone version, so one still needs to run the iOS or Android version.

Someone can correct me if I’m wrong.


previously posted on this subject

You are right.
In fact, there is a linux Signal client for UBport.

More explanations here: