Temp: Help finding forum for "bq Aquarius 5" walkthru?

Can think of no better community than here to ask for directions for finding a specialized place/community that can help me. I managed to get a bq Aquarius 5 phone (2014) and need it to run alt software: To purge the Androyd and put a different OS on it. (Maybe ub-ports? But am open to any ideas).

Also figured some folks here might know about reputable spare battery sources/options for such an old device. Where shall I turn? Any advice is appreciated… Not sure what site(s) to join/look for guidance thru the process… phone seems rare in the US. I do know I can enter IMEI(s)…

…into some carrier websites to see if they support the phone… has 2 SIM slots… but I bet Verizon won’t support the slot 1, which is labeled CDMA w GSM1). Apologies that I am like a noob!!

Here are a few pics attached.

PS. Once I get an answer(s) about where to turn… Do I delete this thread?
What is a most proper manners/protocol/bestpractices?

Thanks. This community rocks.

Maybe https://forums.ubports.com/

If the IMEI is acceptable with Android on it then the IMEI should be the same and acceptable with any other OS on it.

Note correct spelling: “Aquaris”.

Model may still be listed on the manufacturer’s web site, so they may be able to help with accessories etc. https://www.bq.com/en/smartphones

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Have you tried searching the term “ubuntu phone” ? That might lead you to other owners/old forum posts.

I don’t think so. I thought that was cool to see one . Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Guess you can find all info here https://devices.ubuntu-touch.io/device/vegetahd


There is also a Telegram group about ubports that is quite active:

When the screen of my Aquaris 4.5 recently broke, they told me where I could find a replacement screen.


Discord doesn’t let you delete threads, for some reason.

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I suspect it was just a slip of the tongue (or finger, as the case may be), but to prevent confusion:

The forum software is Discourse.
The (proprietary) chat software is Discord.


Or a Freudian slip. :slight_smile:

We can close the thread if you would like. There’s no need to delete it.

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Thank you for all the great advice and leads… I personally don’t need the thread removed or closed. Is most helpful to me to keep it open… I just wanted to not unnecessarily “pollute” our community with the thread if were deemed pollution.:sunglasses:

Many thanks.

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I have no idea what it’s called. Thanks for the clarification.