Temperature goes up when battery goes down

I observe the issue that an unused L5 gets hot by its own when the battery charge level goes down below ~70%. The L5 was sitting on the desk without any case and untouched. The app top in the shell shows 96%-98% idle and the app Usage a bq25890-charger temp. of 85°C the other values between 41°C und 46°C. The 85°C might be a software bug, but the frame of the L5 is warm.

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Mine doesn’t do that, even after a couple of hours. (As usual, disregard the bogus 85.00°C reading.)

mine does it to… I started putting a fan under it just so I can charge without causing damage

Heating when charging (especially around 0-50% charge range) is perfectly normal and the charging controller will automatically stop charging when it gets too warm.

If it gets warm while fully idle and discharging, that’s not expected and may point to something running in the background.

85°C being reported while disconnected when the battery goes under 3.7V is also expected. The driver should probably report lack of data better than just outputting spurious 85°C value and we could consider lowering the regulation threshold so it kicks in later, but ultimately this will always be there as that’s the controller’s hw limitation.

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Conclusion: Charge your battery to combat global warming? (Heheheh.)

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