Ten years from Snowden revelations – what’s next for Tor and privacy online?

This blog article from the Tor Project shares similar topics to recent discussion on the Purism community forums.[1][2]


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What’s next for Tor and privacy online? - hckrnws

I’m inclined to feel like what’s next is that it’s too late for me. Too much of my information already leaked before I appreciated the full extent of the problem, so now even when I am hanging around using stuff from Purism and have a good time, I am probably also still getting screwed out of agency by corporations that already have too much data about me that I can do nothing about. It’s difficult to be insanely dedicated to the idea of doing it right.

Your feelings are valid, but this is an example of a false dilemma fallacy. Privacy is not a black-and-white issue.

Something to remember is that once you begin starving entities of your private personal data, you begin the process of reclaiming privacy. As time goes by, old data becomes “stale”, and confidence of the accuracy of this data continues to drop. People change, and without new data, predictions can become useless. Eventually, such data may be deleted to free up space for fresh data.


Right, what really matters is consciously choosing to be responsible for changing your habits and behaviors. A proactive strategy empowers people to resist and fight back.


It’s never too late. Personal Security After Data Breaches

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