Test Qubes with Live USB: not booting


I have downloaded and created an Live USB as recommended on QubesOS website.

When I start my Librem 15v4 with PureBoots, choose “USB boot” and select “Test_this_media_&_install” from the menu nothing happens after “Starting the new kernel”.

I am not sure what is wrong.

Any suggestions will be very helpful.

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Live USB is not supported. I guess you mean a normal installation USB.

Did you verify the iso?

Thx. I copied the ISO of the latest, stable release on an external USB drive. I verified the ISO.


How did you verify the iso?

Thx. My steps to verify the iso in short:

  1. fetched Qubes MK with gpg
  2. checked fingerprint
  3. fetched Qubes SK with gpg
  4. verified that the RSK is indeed signed by QMSK
  5. verified that the iso matches the hash value
  6. verified that the hash value is authentic
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what version of Qubes? What version of Pureboot on your L15v4?

If running Pureboot Release-19, as documented in the release notes, you need to use Qubes 4.1-RC (or later); the stable 4.0.4 release will not boot.


Thx very much. That sovled my issue! Best regards,

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