Testing an USB dongle with an OpenPGP card

I have in my L5 an OpenPGP card (sits behind the battery) which works fine with GnuPG. For my laptos I have another OpenPGP card in an USB dongle (an Identiv uTrust 3512 SAM slot Token. This morning this token or the dongle or the USB port in the laptop stopped working. On any access pinentry says “Please insert the card …”.

How could I configure in the L5 an access to the USB dongle and card, i.e. that the command gpg --card-status does not use the internal OpenPGP card, but the one from USB-C when I say

purism@pureos:~$ gpg --card-status
Reader ...........: L5 built-in SmartCard Reader 00 00
Application ID ...: D27600012401030400050000CF410000
Application type .: OpenPGP
Version ..........: 3.4
Manufacturer .....: ZeitControl
Serial number ....: 0000CF41
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I can’t answer the question but have you established that any new device appears in /dev as a result of plugging in the USB dongle?

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The internal reader for the OpenPGP card is configured as:

purism@pureos:~$ cat /etc/reader.conf.d/librem5
DEVICENAME        /dev/ttymxc2:SEC1210
FRIENDLYNAME      "L5 built-in SmartCard Reader"
LIBPATH           /usr/lib/pcsc/drivers/serial/libccidtwin.so
purism@pureos:~$ ls -l /dev/ttymxc2
crw-rw---- 1 root dialout 207, 18 Jun 18 11:19 /dev/ttymxc2

This file is read by the pcscd - PC/SC Smart Card Daemon and one must figure out, how to point the pcscd to an USB reader. The daemon itself has a message hardcoded which says:

%s:%d:%s() WARNING: USB drivers SHOULD NOT be declared in reader.conf: %s
%s:%d:%s() Parsing conf file: %s
%s:%d:%s() Parsing conf directory: %s

Maybe @dos has an idea for me…

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