Testing integrity of motherboard in Librem 13v4

Hello everyone,

I’ve a Librem 13 version 4 that does not boot. I sent it for a diagnostic in a local shop but they were not able to tell me more than the motherboard is not working. I would like to check if it is really the motherboard that is faulty and in which part and eventually try to repair it before ordering a new motherboard. I already attached to an external screen to exclude problems on the display

  • Do you have any suggestions on how to achieve that ?
  • Do you have also a pointer to more documentation about the motherboard of this model ? I found few info on https://wiki.puri.sm/hw/L13/v3 (another model, but I assume does not change much for my version 4).
  • Does anyone tried to repair purism hardware and has some suggestions/experiences to share ?