Testing Phosh on RPi3

For all those who are eagerly waiting for their L5 and maybe own a RaspberryPi. It is possible to test Phosh on the RPi3 and the official touch display (for sure also with external HDMI-displays).
I simply followed the very good and simple instructions from postmarket-OS from here https://wiki.postmarketos.org/wiki/Raspberry_Pi_3
and could test Phosh within 20 min.
The official display is a bit too low regarding original resolution why GUI-elements are cut off but I think this can easily be adjusted in a config file before startup.
Up to now I only tested Firefox which works well. Very often the flash-indicator-symbol (see the pictures) for low battery is shown but this is known also from Raspbian. For some testing and giving feedback this should be enough.

BTW: First thing I noticed when working in Landscape mode is that a automatically removed top-bar would help alot and a possibility for scaling the Top- and Bottom-Bar would be good!


or you could use a free-software window-manager that is Tiling unlike GNOME …

…Which will not run on a raspberry pi 3 and is not usefull for a 800 x 480 touch-display. Both is IMHO more comparable to the L5 than a virtual-machine and mouse-input. This post was for those who want to play with comparable, real hardware.


Thanks for posting this…
Since I’ve decided to stop using phones altogether, I’ve been looking for a mobile device friendly UI for Linux.
I’ve tried PostmarketOS with Plasma Mobile UI, but Plasma Mobile still needs a fair amount of polishing.
Same thing with Ubuntu Touch.
Android isn’t even an option, as it was my main inspiration to stop using insecure electronic devices.
A mobile friendly UI may not be needed in the end though.
I’m currently working on a hardware project to combine a mini trackball mouse & a 4 inch qwerty keyboard, both wirelessly connected.