Testing usable apps in Librem 5 Emulator before First Batch

I tested the librem 5 phosh to see which apps could be used.

What is working?

  1. Anbox (Able to install android app)
  2. Apps developed in GTK3

What does not work (Or partially work)?

  1. Apps other than GTK3 not tiling properly. e.g. apps developed in QT, android app in anbox etc
  2. Some portion of the right side of Setting app is not visible. Seems some app does not recongize the correct resolution of the emulator, maybe a bug in the emulator.

All in all, most GTK3 apps work. But Qt apps is not working properly. In emulator, I could barely adjust using mouse to adjust the window size, but can I adjust it if using touchscreen? I don’t think so.

Not sure how phosh was developed, but since Amazon Kindle was once developed based on AwesomeWM, I would assume a phone shell is more similar to a tiling window manager than a stacking window manager. Even Android could perform split screen in a limited factions, like a tiling window manager. I think Phosh was by default a stacking window manager trying to tile windows based on a list of criteria. But I think as a phone shell it should tile any windows by default, even if it was not the correct windows ratio for the app, and set dialogs as exception for floating windows.


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