Text Editor jumps back to previous location when inserting cursor somewhere else

Using the Text Editor that comes with PureOS, I’ve noticed something very annoying and potentially quite destructive.

If I scroll away from my current location, then click to put the cursor in the new location, it jumps back to where I was, after inserting the cursor in the new location. (This is true whether I use the track pad or a mouse.)

USUALLY I can just press an arrow key and the screen scrolls back to where it should be, but sometimes, it selects all of the text between the new location and the old location, and luckily, I haven’t started typing yet (or I’d lose all of it).

Is there something I should do to stop this? Or, failing that, is there a different text editor that’s open source? (Something about like LeafPad would be good.)

I’m going to guess, since 35 people looked at it and no one replied, that I’m the only one seeing this behavior.