Texting Auto Correct

I did a search and didn’t find anything about auto-correct feature in the texting app for Librem 5 Mobile phone. Is this going to be an option to toggle on/off? I personally don’t like auto-correct and I hope it won’t exist or it is off by default.


I don’t know if it will exist or not but one thing I’m sure of is we’re on Linux and if it exists you can do whatever pleases you with it, if you want it disabled then make it happen. :slight_smile:


Speaking of keyboards. I’ve been a fan of the Hackers Keyboard virtual keyboard on Android, and if no one ever makes a decent physical keyboard for the Librem 5 I’d like a similar experience to it at least.

I could care less for spell check, I hate how my Google phone seems to want to put words in my mouth (i.e. the wrong word). How about we all learn to spell correctly before the technology makes it so we completely forget how to.


I would be surprised if auto correct isn’t optional. To me that seems like a necessary option if it will be a function of the keyboard.

I very much dislike when options are excessively stripped from a GUI in the name of simplification and ease of use. Taking that too far often makes simple things unnecessarily complicated.

I personally would love a Swype like keyboard, so I hope something like that will be worked on by someone eventually. I think that has been mentioned before somewhere…


I second a Swype like keyboard. I have been using swype for over 7 years, I guess I should look for an open alternative for now.


Here is the thread if anyone is interested.

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I believe AnySoftKeyboard is totally open source, and they have recently introduced a beta of swipe-style text input. It is honestly still very beta and doesn’t provide very reasonable suggestions, but at least it’s presumably all open source and can get better.

Though I believe it is all Android-only at the moment, so adapting it for Linux would probably be quite a project.

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I’m going to add my vote for a swipe keyboard as well. What about voice to text? Or am I getting ahead of myself?

I think it’s not a question of voting but of competent and available developers to integrate this type of keyboard.

About the speak-to-text, I think Mozilla common voice is the most advanced thing today as a free solution. I don’t know if it’s mature enough for everyday use.


Squeekboard recently got a full keyboard like Hacker’s Keyboard in Android. See: