Thanks for news Librem5 Update 3

Thanks for news Librem5 Update 3.
The technical articles relating to the products of the Purism company are always interesting, but the articles on the Librem5 are the ones that, personally, interest me most both because I bought it and because it is the first mobile phone with Open hardware.
I wish there were more technical news and more details, in reference to this article, on battery life and heat dissipation. I understand it is a continuous evolution and maybe what has been achieved today (e.g. as heat dissipation) will already be overcome tomorrow and therefore do not give such information because they change constantly but at least I would like to have a general idea.
I understand the great challenge you had to face but … strength that you are now in sight of the finish line.
A big thank you to everyone who works there.


A bit off topic, but the article mentions the new splash screen and I just wanted to mention that it was amazing how much of a difference that makes. I updated my L5 the other day and when rebooting to install updates I saw some new screens during the process that tell the user that the phone is updating. It just really makes things look more “polished”. It’s a small thing but I think it makes a big difference.


I’m annoyed that the photos of the PCB are so blurry that we can’t identify the chips. It isn’t hard to hold the camera at a distance and zoom in, so that everything is sharp in the photo.

Hopefully people who get Dogwood will take some high-resolution photos of the PCBs from both sides. It means putting on new thermal paste on the backside, but it is the only way we are going to get decent photos. Also, somebody needs to tell us what are the (Samsung?) image sensors. Doing some benchmarking would also be nice.

Pretty please, with a cherry on top!

PS: Thanks for giving us an extra 100 mAh in the battery. That made my day!


The battery shipping with dogwood is 3600mAh, roughly 80% more battery than previous batches. Combined with early kernel optimizations usage is now measured in multiple hours, and with additional kernel work will continue to see leaps forward.

every lil’ bit helps :slight_smile: i suspect end of august early september is going to see renewed interest in the L5