The Best Wordle Clone for Linux Phones: Warble vs. Blurble


By way of really basic questions …

These are “computer sets the puzzle, you play the game”, right? (Not, “computer solves the puzzle” which would also sometimes be useful)

Are they completely offline? Since you aren’t playing the same game as everyone else in the world (unlike Wordle).

English language only? (not a problem for me but …)

I think they’re running out of words in the dictionary to name software. Sounds like gibberish to me. (Oooh, that would be a good name. but it would probably shortened to “Gib”.)

I think the point is: the name has to be close enough to the real thing so that people know what it is but not so close that it causes problems with trade marks (and of course not already trade marked for something else).

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Yes I realise this, remember I’m about the humor. This time I was dry.

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