The camera unfortunately sucks

Unfortunately i wasn’t aware off the fact that the camera on the librem 5 is still under development. (Dev preview)
Also unfortunate is that taking pictures isn’t a fast & easy process and the results kinda suck at this point. No lightning feature also.

I wanted to know if there is any 3rd party app that i could install for better user experience and results?

Also what is the recent development status on this?
Will there be an updated camera app providing a better experience soon?

I’m sorry you didn’t find this information sooner, the included camera app is the best (only working?) available currently. If you’re not running “Byzantium” you likely want to upgrade to the Byzantium release of PureOS for the Librem 5 as it will get upgraded apps sooner than Amber.

As for how “soon” updates will happen, as soon as they’re available. The software is under very active development and is expected to stay under active development for a long time as far as I can tell.