The competitor google Maps is here :-)

hi all

this website respects private life. it would be good to integrate it.


I’ve been looking for a good Google Maps replacement. I assessed my app usage on my current Android, and Maps is just about the only thing I use often that doesn’t have a suitable replacement if I went with Librem 5. I installed OsmAnd (an OpenStreetMap app for Android), and it just doesn’t have all the enriched data Google Maps has. I’ll assess this qwant thing and hope it is better.

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As an update, this seems even worse than vanilla OpenStreetMaps on first testing. Context-aware searching is completely missing (e.g. when I search “coffee shops” it jumps to some place in Singapore; I am in USA), as are both of the residential addresses I completely entered. Oddly, even though it is powered by OpenStreetMaps, it was able to find all branches of a specific cafe I like, whereas vanilla only finds one.

I’m an optimist, so I look forward to future improvements.

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Hello, I have also tried many alternatives to Google Maps. The one I liked the most was Here Maps.

However, when I really left my home and needed to use GPS, the only application that really helped me was Google Maps.

I’m not a Google friend, but Google Maps is much better than other maps.

I use with great satisfaction osmand~ on my android tablet.

On my desktop I use KDE Marble.

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I’ve used MAPS.ME for my trip in Canaderp this year (I’m from Italy) and has been quite a good experience. Completely offline navigation, decent performance and UI. It’s open source and uses OSM data.

Still, POIs and search functionality is quite lacking compared to Gmaps…

That’s a limitation we’ll have to accept due to the fact that Google is Google…
Anyway, if you have a precise address/zip code, then you are 99% covered.


thats how they get you :wink:

as the fish telling this worm smells best :skull:


I’m not a Google fan. However, Google Maps is the best map by far when you need to find different places / stores. If you do not need to find all the stores that offer a specific product, there will be no problem in using another map.

Unfortunately, this is the case (at least in my country). Google has invested a lot of money so that all the stores appear on Google Maps.

I used all kinds of alternative maps and in the end I ended up using Google Maps when I was lost in a city and could not find the place I needed to go.

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If you miss something on Openstreetmap, why don’t you add it? It is so easy. By the way is on googe-maps something, that is the equivalent to the humanitarian map? Oh, you can’t generate money with that.

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@LibremOnly5 That would be fine if I were in a small town, but being in a larger city I just couldn’t stand to do that for the different unique place I might visit each day (especially since most usage is, “I need to get to this place, give me directions NOW”).

For me, THE killer feature of Google maps is the real-time traffic data. It saved me so many hours being stuck in a traffic jam, it would be reallly hard to do without it.

Just my 2 ct, though …

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yes, its an incredible cool feature but google is just too expensive. i’m not willing to pay that bill.

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Yeah jeez I forgot about the real-time traffic data. I’m afraid Google Maps will be too hard to let go of.

That is the price of freedom.

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There are discussions on open traffic data so that any map maker can use it. The idea is to have cars report it in real time so you can do real time traffic. But, as everyone likely already knows, that ideal situation is a long way off as car makers and map makers argue over who owns the data and the regulators look on scratching their heads.

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Interesting. In theory, I could get behind open data like that, but only if it’s thoroughly anonymized. Hopefully any such system would just broadcast “there is a car here” and not “John Smith’s blue Honda Accord with license plate number 123456 is here”


Yeah, anonymized data is likely a prerequisite for many folks. :slight_smile: Though that doesn’t necessarily stop companies from finding more info about you as recent news reports have shown. Before this becomes a reality, car makers will have to have a connection to the cloud and agree to, at the very least, have standardized data formats. Otherwise this won’t make that much of an impact. There has been lots of talk about vehicle to infrastructure communication but there has been very little movement from car makers, so this is likely a long way for, at least for real time traffic data from actual vehicles.

Hm. the carmakers SHOULD NOT have any connection to the car.
If they want that i’d like to get paid for the use of the data by the company.
Detailed Locations, Times, life paterns, a virtual goldmine.

yes it looks like they are doing everything they can to weaken any competition attempts.

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