The design behind a modular and secure mobile phone

Very nice rundown of the physical makeup of the phone, @francois-techene, and beautiful visuals!

In a world where hardware design is pushing the people to over-consumerism by soldering everything to a single board while promoting fragility thinness, repairing or upgrading a mobile phone has become almost impossible.

The Librem 5 stands aside from that by banning any form of planned obsolescence, which is as good for people’s finances as it is for the environment.

100% agree! I have voiced concerns about the physical design of Purism laptops before, but the phone looks absolutely beautiful from the standpoint of modification, customization, and (most importantly) repair. Great job…


I had actually assumed Purism contracted out to an ad agency or something for that video. I’m impressed if it was just one person.


Who needs an ad agency when we have François? :slight_smile:

He is super talented and put a lot of work into that video.


@francois-techene you went overboard with the depth-of-field effect there …

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it’s perfectly doable if you know what you are doing …

Thank you guys for the nice comments! :slight_smile:

Adding to that the fact that I used only free software running on a Librem 13 laptop. I am very happy with the result too.


So is painting a picture, or making music, or doing brain surgery. Doesn’t make the end result any less awesome, nor the amount of skill any less admirable.

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Or, who knows, maybe even building a new freed phone from scratch … :slight_smile:

But sometimes in human endeavor it is as much feeling what you are doing as it is knowing what you are doing.

can’t wait to see what you pull off next on the L14 :wink: if the L13 proved this sufficient for you :slight_smile:

yeah but it’s not like feeling and knowing are strangers … sometimes they are BEST friends :slight_smile:

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I look forward to using the Librem 14 too! Even though the graphics card of the Librem 13 works perfectly with Blender, rendering time will be well improved! :slight_smile:


Will you write a news post about your process, like you did for the production of “See Your Junk” clip?

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Will you write a news post about your process, like you did for the production of “See Your Junk” clip?

That is a good idea and something I would be happy to do.


Thanks for sharing @Torrone! :wink:

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