The forum could use a "Phone" category!

With the Librem5 phone going into development, may i suggest a separate category on this subject?
Maybe already split in subcategories for developers en potential users…


Totally agree! Being able to sort on phone posts only would be nice.

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Sounds like a bonza idea; & with two categories, like suggested.

Maybe split a “Customer support/Troubleshooting” section from the “Librem” and “PureOS” sections aswell?
Many topics end up about general linux management, like apt usage, tweaking config files.

Or even one troubleshooting subcategory for each “Librem x86” “Librem phone” and “PureOS” sections already :slight_smile: anyway the hierarchy needs refining.

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I was kind of waiting to see the campaign suceed before doing that, and as we’re going to see more and more phone topics I agree it makes sense to do this now. I have created (pondering creating /librem/laptops…). I will start batch-moving topics there…

I doubt a general “support” category is warranted, it would probably just create a big spaghetti for poor @mladen … I’m under the impression that 90% of the threads are support anyway, and when they’re not it’s usually one of three things: hardware suggestions, security discussions (got a forum category for that), business/philosophy discussions (got a forum category for that), so I guess we’ll see how it goes for now.

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