The ICO and cookies
I don’t understand much of the hate against what the ICO wants. It’s called the freedom of choice. People should never be tracked with analytics by default unless under criminal investigation with use of a warrant.

My dream show

  • “This week in Google”
  • Google fanboys talking against OPT-IN by default and against not being tracked
  • All this coated with a layer of disingenuous arguments
  • Saying things in contradiction with what they are showing
  • Disabeling the cookies is “the takeover by the big companies” was my favorite joke
  • Disabled comments (what a surprise)
  • 230k subs with views around 0,8k to 3,3k on regular per video

Nothing to see here

“We do it this way, how are we going to continue doing things this way now?” seems to be the main worry of the TWIT guy, completely ignoring the woman who says “I do things this other way”.

Leo Laporte is an interesting guy. But his arguments on this didn’t make a whole lot of sense. All websites would be under the same restrictions on cookies (opt-in, must be allowed to use the website if cookies not accepted). It’s not just his “This Week In Tech” (TWIT) network of shows.

Back in the day when most TV was over the air, and few people had cable, people were surveyed about what they watched. And that was how advertisers figured out what to pay to put their advertisements on different shows.

Websites will figure this out, and it doesn’t require constant tracking. The lady in this show, Stacey Higginbotham , made good points. Track how often ads are clicked on.

If that is how companies figure out interaction with customers/potential customers, when that is where the industry will go. Plus, the websites know how many people are visiting them. The traffic can be determined without cookies.