The Librem 13 and Purism Support are top notch

Just got my Librem 13 in. They, as mentioned elsewhere, worked with me and sent it in a way outside of how they normally ship packages (IE: used USPS instead of FEDEX), and even paid for the fastest shipping which is usually 3 times as expensive as priority mail.

The package arrived. Happy day. Box and packaging is nice, and I like the no frills approach to it all. Adds to the professional nature of the product. Had one small hicup which actually helped familiarize myself with it. After that I’m cruising along. I’ve found answers to almost every question I have had here on the forum.

My tip to anyone just receiving a Librem and finding they have a question: Search the forum, most likely it has been asked not once, but repeatedly. Saves you time not having to wait for a response as well.

That said support via email has been stellar. Not sure when the guy (@mladen) sleeps honestly.

I’ve been able to migrate a lot of VMs I need for work. I’ve configured accounts, and just have things pretty much completely setup.

I have been tempted to use another distro, but have just found through my desktop that PureOS simply seems to run faster than everything else I’ve tried.

Here is some eye candy some of you might appreciate:
Under revision

In a nutshell, I’m very happy with the purchase. I wish I would have found out about Purism sooner. I highly recommend it. I’m coming from a x230 and Surface Pro (which I’ll still be using out of necessity.) I would love to replace all of my computers with Purism products one day (so let’s hope they keep expanding their product line)!

My desktop is running windows 10, but I use a PureOS VM to do 80% of what I need the computer for. The computers particular hardware has certain drivers that just don’t exist in Linux. Still it’s a great half way solution.



I ask myself the same thing quite often!

you should clean up your office :rofl:

Also, you should blur out phone numbers in the screenshot, which are pretty clear :slight_smile:

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