The Librem 5 is great and keeps getting better

I just wanted to let the forum and Purism people know that I am very happy with how far this phone has progressed since I received it about one year ago. The changes are significant and very much for the better.

I dig the new updates. I can tell people are working on this. I am surprised at how little things break after updates. I truly wonder how many hands are working on this device. It seems like a lot but I know if cannot be that many people.

Kudos. Great work. Keep it up please!


I hope people won’t give up on it if it ends up being a rough experience for them. In fact, I hope they tell Purism, or the respective developers if they’re specific to apps, the pain points so that they can be addressed. The latest review from Rob Braxman (I’m cross posting here so that I only have to update the link once if it changes) is pretty scathing and I hope that people can see the work being poured into it and have patience as things get smoothed out.

Edit: I should point out once of the numerous improvements I’ve noticed: the idle battery life is much better with the latest kernel, at the time of writing – When I first received my Librem 5, it drained at about 10% ever hour with very few apps running in the background. Now it drains at roughly 6-8% per hour depending on what I leave open.


I understand what you are saying and I can see the outside perspective being somewhat non-positive.

However, you don’t have to bring up other peoples viewpoints on the negative (not that I mind a counter-argument) side. Rob Braxman has a base who he caters to. He doesn’t cater to me.

My post is my objective opinion that the Librem 5 is a really cool, alternative device - albiet with warts. I am fine with the warts. Most days.

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Don’t get me wrong, I really like my Librem 5 and daily drive it.


I understand. It is also fair to say that I would not give this phone to my mother or father to use. I suppose it does have a somewhat limited user base. It is, however, still really cool and usable.

Additionally, the really important thing is that it is usable, it keeps getting better, and dedicated people are working on it.


I completely agree, the improvements are great. I’ve been using the L5 as a daily driver for the last 6 months. When it works, and you realize all the benefits of using a true Linux phone, it’s just great. And with the latest updates that make suspend usable, I think we’ve mounted a big hurdle. With all the criticism Purism has to endure, I have a lot of respect for them for sticking with it, TBH. They must have very thick skins by now.


I think another moral to this story might be: you are either a part of the problem or you are a part of the solution.


Additionally, the really important thing is that it is usable, it keeps getting better , and dedicated people are working on it .

That’s a fair point. Sorry to inject that post I did earlier.

Purism :heart:


No, no problem. Your point is noted. It is worth mentioning. For sure.