The Long-Awaited Batch Update Post


Since i agree with everyone commenting here I don’t think we’re arguing about contradicting topics. Just sharing the experience.

  1. Pursim did great engineering job, they do have first evah working linux phone. meaning real linux. You can git clone + autogen + make install mainline kernel and will just work. You can git clone bootloader and flash it, you can git clone any app and build it being sure there are no dark corners. That’s great.
  2. Moreover it looks nice.
  3. Pursim failed delivery promise. Who cares. That’s life.
  4. Purism failed transparency/community test. Yes they say they are more transparent than any other phone producer on earth - which we may argue about whether it is true or not but still, they failed - which is the reason for growing wave of speculations and frustration. That’s bad.
    Do first two outweigh last two - sure. Is there space for improvement - sure.


Maybe I’ve missed something, but the post says the issue is thermal throttling, not heat dissipation. It also says three different times that it can be fixed by kernel development. Or did they say somewhere else that the throttling comes from excessive heat, and not just a misbehaving kernel or CPU?


If you have ever been involved in a product release in a small company

Actualy, I have been involved. And this is where i recognize the patterns from. When unwanted buyer’s request comes in you quote the customer three times the actual price, so he won’t order. But then the customer says: “oh, ok. Then I want ten.”. This is what I think happened with Aspen. They tried to make it as unappealing as possible, so nobody would want it. I remember reading it and thinking: “What are they thinking? Nobody will want this!”. And there you go, just like me, they underestimated the fanboy-ism of their customers.

I’m by no means saying that they are scammers or something like that. But I am saying that it appears like they can’t handle the task but are afraid to admit it.

Additionally I think they work on reducing the power consumption / heat generation

Exactly thats the problem. You think they tell you nothing, save some heatpipes. If they had a good idea, they’d share it.

Pursim did great engineering job

I’m not so sure about this anymore.
I’m not even sure to what extent they designed the hardware themselves, as Nicole hinted in her presentation that they went to china where the know-how is. It sounded to me like they ordered a developement and china, which would explain perfectly why they mostly posted software updates.
Once they posted this picture, writing about validating boards. Really, every hobbyist has better equipment in their basement. This is in no way equipment fit to validate any part of a mobile phone. Mind you I still backed them AFTER this picture.

Really it looks like they will release something that’s borderline usable (if even that - up till today we dont have a full demonstration of a simple call)

Well, there was a bug report about an overheating issue. It was marked with high importance, but ignored for somehting like a month. Then it was merged with some other bugs, and never spoken of again.
They keep claiming that they can solve everything in software, but they also claimed that the silicone bug (reason put forward for the first delay) was solved, whereas NXP stated quite firmly that one of the two bugs doesn’t have a workaround and will remain like it is.


Todd going above and beyond expectations. Thanks.


First, I think you underestimate the technical background of most people in this forum.
Second, it seems to me you think of it as “the heat problem” where many of us are aware that this is not one problem with one solution.
Heat dissipation is certainly not meant for normal usage. Obviously it works without it. It is meant for situations where the CPU is at high load. The only other way to “fix” this is underclocking.
Additionally, they make kernel patches that do exactly what you want: prevent heat from being produced.

I don’t really see a big problem here. If the upcoming batches don’t show improvements in that area, you can still cancel.


q2 2020 - look how many “zero” and “two” are in there … isn’t that great ?


Merging it with other bugs suggests to me that there’s some sort of dependency involved, like “W, X, and Y have to get fixed before Z.” I’ve run into that many times. It’s not ignoring the problem, it’s researching and plotting a path to fixing the problem.

Every one of your statements is a supposition. Everything you’ve said is opinion. You’re entitled to that, certainly, but it’s not an effective way to present an argument.


You’re totally right, and you’re very wrong too. We’re not throwing our hands up saying “heat pipes!”. That’s one part of the solution, and the other part is to reduce the amount of produced heat. This is something that has been on our minds exactly since the planning phase. I don’t know how you can “solve” a problem requiring lots of work before any work starts though.

The ideas were shared in the blog posts: allow better heat dissipation and reclock RAM. They are nothing special, just reasonable steps to deal with that kind of problem which anyone has to deal with: putting devices in low power modes and waking them up when appropriate. But this is a lot of work, and it needs time to progress. Most importantly, it cannot be done until the software, electrical and mechanical designs come together. So even though we have people who continuously work on power consumption (and doing a good job), it still makes sense to invest in additional improvements like better heat dissipation.


I guess it’s just as well that ordered late enough to be in batch Yew. :smile:


Oh, so sorry for the backtalk and malarkey dad! /s
HA HA HA!..Daaaaaamn


anything that doesn’t involve cooking my balls in my pants sounds like a good plan to me … and if the battery life and performance of the phone as well as RYF certification is met then i’m game …


I keep seeing folks say that about their balls.

How many people actually keep their phone in some crotch pocket? That’s so weird.


If I’m not wearing a jacket with an inner pocket, I carry my phone in the front pocket of my pants, which is 4 inches from my testicles.

I certainly don’t carry my phone in the back pockets of my pants or backpack or the outer pockets of a jacket, where pickpockets can rob me. Some of us live in places where theft is a real problem.


I’m a bit curious if the announcement is way to keep the race and bet going on with brexit… :sweat_smile:


having seen the announcement of the company, I resumed the e-mail they had sent me and announced that I prefer Dogwood. They replied that they updated my preferences.
What changes me 2 months after waiting 2 years for a phone with Linux? Anything!
For me, Purism is doing a job that will remain historical … and to History they are not interested 2 months late :grinning:


If only the majority of people on the planet could think the same way about any non-critical products… We could have a completely different world :slight_smile:


:smiley: well when i have to carry a LOT of gear or multiple devices then i’m using MOLLE but when i don’t i prefer the phone front side rather than backside.

if it’s in the back you easily can forget about it and sit on it thus risking damaging the screen … etc

i for one would like to have an integrated holster like Blackerry has or some of Seidio law-enforcement models for easier access.


No one ever emailed me saying they updated my preference for evergreen .


I’m pretty sure in the email itself, they said you may or may not get a reply confirming your preference, but rest assured, they got your preference.


as they were quick to respond, they will have some filters with related links. I think.