The Long-Awaited Batch Update Post


I’m happy about the technical update (it does help clear things up!) and it’s a great step forward, but unfortunately I felt the opposite about the ‘goodwill’, nothing is planned to fix the lack of transparency or even apologize… it looked to me as if Todd is just listing a few previous times they explained their progress as if that excuses or invalidates user concerns about transparency.

I already made a vent post about this update on the Round Table because it seemed a bit too opinionated for this thread. Am I the only one who feels worried like this?

I just hope this drama clears up by Evergreen. I love the phone, the FLOSS software, the laptops and everything and it’s nice that they are trying to make sure they don’t ship a faulty product. I respect that! I just wished they didn’t lie about it and told the backers.


Nope, not the only one worried. I’ve pretty well decided not to back any future projects they do, and nothing short of a change of top management will change that. For now I’m going to ride it out, if they’re aren’t actually shipping by the end of the year I’ll probably seek a refund.


We got your emails that you sent to the shipping email, and we have updated your batch preference.

Yes, that is correct.


Why doesn’t Purism put your batch preference and choice of modems in the area where the order confirmations are? Then anyone could log in and see what Purism has scheduled for them. Purism could also put your final batch assignment there too, once they finalize that.


Well I had mis ordered my preferences on the first email I sent so I sent a second correcting it with my primary preference being evergreen then dogwood , chestnut

was that the email that was used to update the preference ? because my first one I missordered it was the opposite of that .


Who can explain me what is “route[ing] the CPU to the inner side” starting with Dogwood?

On PCB picture, we can see that the CPU can’t be further from the aluminum frame. Is the piece between the PCB and the plastic back also made in aluminum (in Todd’s hand on the picture)?


Just guessing here, but if you read @todd-weaver’s latest blog post, it says ‘‘Aspen (black case)’’,
so it could be that the casing were to change in later revisions :question:

Or, if you look at the 2 img with the PCB front and back, would that imply that they plan to switch the CPU to the back, closer to the metal display chassis?
Pics are here:



Oh come now it will take just 775 wire jumpers to reroute it upside down.


Just put the circuits on the other side of the board then …


If you asked for evergreen, dogwood, chestnut in that order, then there’s no way you won’t get Evergreen. They’re not going to push people into an earlier batch than the one they want most.

If I recall correctly I asked for Aspen, Chestnut, Dogwood, knowing that the “default” would be Evergreen (and I haven’t a prayer of getting into an earlier batch unless they’re quite large, as my order was acknowledged early this last January).


Well as I said I accidently mis ordered them in the first email with evergreen being my last choice and had to send a second email correcting the order priority with Evergreen being the primary so I was concerned about whether or not the issue was corrected seeing purism is the most introverted company on earth and didnt write back to let me know if it had been updated with the corrected preference priority in the second email.


On the plus side, if they do throw you into an earlier batch by mistake when they ask for your modem preference you could respond then to confirm you would prefer evergreen. This would also make sure you only get evergreen.

To your point on Purism as a company being introverted. I think this perception issue stems from having a company made up of privacy conscious (focussed?) individuals that are working to make a phone for other privacy conscious individuals and in turn many of the individuals default mode is that of privacy and not sharing. I don’t think this is intentionally malicious, but rather that there is a conscious effort being made to be more open and they are likely being, what they perceive as, way more open than their comfortable with. This isn’t to say there isn’t room for improvement, there is, but is to try and view this from another angle.


the CPU will be flipped to the opposite side of the mainboard of the Librem 5. This means routing it to the other side, printing new circuit boards, changing the surface mount technology (SMT) process, as well as minor mechanical design change. This is to utilize the surface area of the inner aluminum chassis as increased thermal dissipation rather than complicating thermal dissipation through the back case. This of course is one of the many steps of optimization, the primary one is kernel development to optimize CPU/GPU/RAM, where we will see the greatest areas of improvement (that we’ve reproduced).


How far along is this?


I dont think its malicious. They just dont really like communicating as far as Ive observed haha Cant blame them . neither do I.

Sometimes I just want to throw all this cellphone crap in the trash where it belongs.


It’s all public from the source code, here are some links to various recent related optimizations from screen blanking to busfreq (but you can find more):


Hmmmm. I only said “Aspen” in my reply, I didn’t get the part to give other batches in order.

Does that mean I need to reply again with the other Batches?


Need? Probably not. A bit of commonsense will take care of it, I would have thought.

For peace of mind? Sure. Just reply again to the original email.


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Birch starts shipping in two weeks right? Do we have any idea of how many Purism are shipping?

I really hope we get more online content showing off the phones. I’m looking forward to owning a Librem 5 one day however I’ve not ordered yet.

Largely because i don’t have the money however I’d also like too see lots of online content, such as videos, showing off the phone.

Id like to see people making phone calls, sending emails, using websites ect ect. I’m hoping if Birch is a bigger batch than Aspen hopefully a few people will start making videos.