The Long-Awaited Batch Update Post


Yes, assuming some people do opt to receive Birch rather than waiting for a later batch, we should start seeing some posts in 2-3 weeks.


I can’t wait to see the videos!


For what it’s worth, at least one non-Purism employee said they got a Birch email:

Whether or not they create a video remains to be seen, but they have said they will:

EDIT 2: For people asking, I will do some sort of write up/pictures/video/AMA when I get it (assuming someone doesn’t beat me to it). Just to be clear, I’m not affiliated with Purism, nor do I have any sort of experience with that sort of stuff, so expect it to be very unpolished/haphazard. I also am not making any money off of doing this, so please set your expectations accordingly.

EDIT 3: I can’t believe I actually have to make this explicit, but I will. I am in no way affiliated with Purism, with the exception that I preordered a phone. I just so happened to order it on the same day it came out, so I am likely in the front of the line to get it. I work a full time job (with no affiliation with Purism nor any related or competing companies) and I make no money nor do I get any other compensation getting a phone at this time, doing an AMA, posting this, posting anything else, or anything else to do with this.