The Need For Clear Communications From Purism


I think these both miss the point I was going for.

Setting expectations does not have to be setting hard limits nor does it mean not refining along the way.

Also when you set the expectations yourself it is so much easier to meet them than if you don’t communicate clearly and let the other party set the expectations for you.


i ordered in 2018 q3 one L5 (because of my alergy to non-hot-swapable battery i canceled and got a refund) after that to make up for it i came around again beginning of q4 2018 and made another order this time larger.

i’m a middle-aged goat who wants future baby-super-goats to have some less-steep-dam to climb when their “hooves” are ready for it. i’m thinking since this is getting too scary for many why not go “beeee !” - give me a few more L5s to show you guys i’m all-in with you guys on this !

that salt-lick is looking mighty high right now but one last “beeee !”.

don’t you want to show your SUPPORT for this adorable GNU ?



“Tens of Thousands”

That is wonderful for Purism, and for the free phone movement! I also imagine for a company the size of Purism, it is a logistical challenge to get all of the scheduling, modems, etc right!

Is it me, or does that phone look different (and better) than previous pictures? Did they improve it “mid-batch”, and perhaps delay a bit so everyone would get the improved phone?

I am excited. I know I won’t be one of the first, but I feel happy for those who are.


right ? it looks to me like that too … it’s great ! beeee !


Wow, the phone looks nice. Thanks for posting.


I do too. And we do have reason to still hope. All the negativity is gonna do is sour an otherwise beautiful opportunity.

Bring it in, bro/sis (there’s no hug emoji and I don’t know you well enough to kiss you, so you’ll have to use your imagination).


Still no real details and more empty promises. Bah.


And more new pictures here :slight_smile:


do you know if there is an LED that lights up like on the BlackBerry when a call comes in or after an unanswered call ? would be really cool to just be able to glance at the phone an not fiddle around with it too much when not needed.


Don’t be suckers. Let’s see a video of that case in action, kill switches working and an actual freaking phone call allowed to progress. Yeah we won’t be seeing any of that. I bet that’s a non functional prototype case. I bet they are sharing this media so they can cushion the impact of their next delay announcement.


Wow. It looks so much better than I expected (based on the first pics).
I’m still trying to see cutouts on the frame since the back plate is all solid. The problem is that there is no 360 available and they have very few profile pics.
Really curious, how it’s gonna get a decent signal through this aluminum box.


Do you mean cutouts like for the cards? You can actually see a slot in the first two pictures.

@reC, of course it has an RGB LED. :blush:


I am 18 and also pretty patient, and was pretty patient when I was younger too, so I don’t think it’s an age thing.


It’s not a matter of time or patience. It’s a matter of whether or not Purism still lives ad breathes the values of transparency, openness and honesty that they claim to cherish above all else. Here’s a direct quote from the “Our story” page on their website:

As a social purpose company, we can prioritize our principles over profit. Our mission to provide freedom, privacy, and security will always come first above all else. You see, you are our primary shareholder.

Look at Google and Microsoft. You can’t trust them right? Surely everybody in this forum can at least somewhat agree on that. Do you think it was always that way? I remember a time when Microsoft was the little guy battling it out against big bad IBM. I remember when Google was just an upstart which provided an interesting alternative to the likes of Yahoo’s search engine. I bet all of us can actually remember when Google had “Do No Evil” as their corporate slogan and appeared to take it seriously.

Sadly those days are long gone. Let me tell you how it happened. Little by little. Each of those companies had at least a few thousand opportunities in which they had to decide whether to do the thing that was in the best interest of their customers or the thing that was in the best interest of the company. More often than not, both Microsoft and Google chose the latter. There is no singular defining moment in the history of any company when it transitions from light to dark or from good to bad. That’s because in the real world, such labels don’t apply. No rather it’s a journey of thousands of little choices and over time the cumulative effect of those choices created a carcinogen which eventually resulted in each company presenting with a series of malignant tumors.

The point of this story is that Purism has clearly been facing a few of those choices in the last couple of years and more often than not, they seem to choosing to do the thing that’s in their best interest rather than their customers interest. I say seem because the level of transparency at this point is pretty minimal. Based on the minimal information Purism has chosen to make available: Purism is slowly but surely turning away from the very core values that brought us all into the fold to begin with.

This may still be fixable. It may not be. I don’t know. But from my perspective the trust I have given Purism had to be rolled back because they aren’t living up to my interpretation of those core values. Those core values are the thing that we shared and they are the thing that I still hold dear. My association with Purism was contingent on them remaining a reputable avatar for those values. But between all the secrecy, deception, revisions and the outright refusal to respond to basic and reasonable questions with at least some sort of reasonable answer drove me over the edge.

TLDR: But yeah, I’m just an impatient prick who decided he’d rather enslave himself to likes of Qualcomm and Google rather than wait a few weeks longer for a phone :wink:


No offense intended @happysmash27 :slight_smile:

As people get older I think they tend to take a longer view on things, since we remember more things from our past.

But there are exceptions to every rule :slight_smile: I’ve known a lot of young people that are awesome.


In my mind, Purism have lied. Plain and simple.

And I find it devastating, because I value the work being done here just as much as everyone else. In fact, so much so that this lie isn’t enough to turn me away - where would I go, after all? Back to apple or google? Obviously not…

But at the end of the day this company has been collecting money from people for a long time, and they still are, they owe their supporters some degree of transparency.

I don’t say that they have lied because they didn’t meet their shipping goal. That’s not a lie, that’s just a risk, and every single supporter knew it was a possibility and every single supporter is very understanding about that (just read these forums for the evidence!). But setting up an elaborate document to pretend they met their shipping goal while in reality leaving most supporters waiting more time, and then staying completely silent when more questions are asked - it just doesn’t impress me. This is what I consider to be a lie…

And compared to the kind of dishonesty and trickery used by most companies (ie normal companies) this is very mild. But I like to think of purism as better than them, and I expect much more. Similarly, I like to think of purisms customers as smarter than the average customer, and I like to think that dishonest BS will be seen through by this population (and it clearly has been).


Do we even know these are real customers anyhow? Real people at that? I could be a bot for all anyone knows, My parents did not name me DemBeesDoneStolenAll :wink:


We’ll see. To me it looks like Aspen has been upgraded from no caps to plastic caps to anodized aluminium caps. And if you assume for a second that only few picked Aspen, they could have delayed them to give them a quality that many expected only for Evergreen.

I don’t know where you get that another year. Ordering now gets you Evergreen, not Fir.


You caught me. I’m actually just a meat popsicle.