The new Librem 14 - qubes

I’m interested in pre-ordering the new Librem 14. Very exciting to see it should hopefully support 64G of ram. I assume it will support qubes? Does Purism do testing to verify/ensure that?

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It will have full Qubes support OOTB on day 1 – it’s my job to ensure that :slight_smile:


Fantastic! Thank you! Now I just need 64G ram to pull through. :slight_smile:

What will/would be the recommended RAM… 16, 32, 64?

that’s completely dependent on the OS and user workload. Mine will have 64GB for sure :slight_smile:

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What kind of software are you expecting to run and what is your workload? For me, 16GB of RAM is more than enough, but I don’t do anything special besides occasionally run Windows in a virtual machine.

Should that not be enough, 32GB Samsung RAM (single piece) is available and running smoothly in my 13v3.

@MrChromebox, could you already test Qubes on the new Librem 14? Did you do your job, laugh? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Librem 14 has not shipped yet:

I am sure that @MrChromebox will have a Librem 14 sooner than we do :wink:

I have Qubes 4.1.0-alpha1 running on a Librem 14 EVT2 unit under both the standard coreboot and our Pureboot firmware :slight_smile:


I ordered the Librem 14 with Librem Key and I would like to run Qubes. Will Qubes be compatible with the Librem Key on the 14?

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