The Next Public Offering

When Purism does a public offering for next time, “keep it in your domain” so that Purism retains full control.

The above thread is the direct consequence when Purism chooses otherwise and fails to follow what they preach; this listing should have been used instead.


While that is fine as a request and as a suggestion, it’s not that simple. The role that Purism takes in the public offer influences the restrictions and requirements that it faces under US law. So, yes, Purism could control things like whether the web site accepts a VPN but it would come at a price, both financial and logistical. (See also the similar discussions that have been held from time to time when Purism has issued a Convertible Notes series.)

I’ve said this before but the hoops that you have to jump through under US law mean that usually when there is a public offer in my country, it is explicitly excluded to offer to an investor in the US or accept from an investor in the US. It’s just too hard. It’s not worth doing. We don’t do it.