The Purism Ecosystem

So ive spent all day today and most of yesterday looking into this company… and I love it. I love the people behind it, I love the philosophy, and I would like to support this company’s mission, not just buy a safe phone.

Has there been much talk on Purism creating its own privacy based ecosystem? It seems like Tod Weaver made the laptop as a stepping stone to get to the phone. Creating Librum one was a stepping stone to get good stock apps on the phone.
It seems like Purism has incidentally started creating its own privacy focused ecosystem, and I love it.

Does Tod or others on the team see this? Do they intend on creating a more broad hardware and software ecosystem? Is there a future where I could have my purism phone, purism computer, purism smart TV, Purism home AI… all with a focus on privacy and all with the purism devices and software intergrating well with one another (or as well as possible without sacrificing privacy.)?

Because thats what I want. I dont want this vision to stop with the phone. I want a privacy and freedom focused alternative to google and apple.

Right now, in order to secure ones privacy, they have to do it piecemeal. Research Tutanota vs Protonmail, research NordVPN vs IPA, research android vs apple, Research Signal vs Matrix, etc etc… I want an ecosystem where, if I meet someone concerned about privacy, I can basically tell them to sell all the tech they have, because Purism has a hardware or software equivalent to what they are already using, and Purism can be their one stop shop.

Tod Weaver… If you are reading this. Please do this. Think big.

If I hear Purism wants to do this… Im gonna go out and buy some stock.

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Oh, absolutely does he think big and in that direction. The next big steps might be a nextcloud NAS and I expect to see RISC-V based devices within a few years.

I made a timeline for the Librem 5, containing quite a few of Todd’s interviews (not only talking about the phone), but also the nextcloud partnership.
Hoping for a great future! :grinning:

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I don’t think this forum is the place for such things, which at best are immature, and at worst deliberately hurtful. Enough people seem to agree with that that they marked your post. Discussion of ideologies can have its place, but name calling does not have a place.

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I flagged your post because you were being intentionally incendiary. It wasn’t just your acronym, it was your profanity and expressed disinterest in the topic you started before starting a rant. You seem to be looking for an outlet to express your political opinions, and this isn’t it. People will judge Purism partly on the content in these forums, and content that is either a rant (see forum rules) or is uncivil (see forum FAQ) is not appropriate here.

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maybe try SGAF so it won’t be called name-calling

Samsung, Google, Amazon, Facebook. I totally do not mean those it the reverse order.

People will judge Purism partly on the content in these forums

If people judge the purism or Linux community negatively, it wont be because someone used or implied a naughty word on the internets, it will be because of the impression that its users are a brunch of autistic overly sensitive nerds with no sense of humor or nuanced social skills.

Kermit the frog drinking tea meme
But that’s none of my business.

Thank you. I made myself a little audiobook of those interviews, and it seems to me Todd does indeed have a plan for the long term future and likely is thinking in terms of a future ecosystem. Very exciting.
Anyone have any ideas of cool future projects that might be incorporated unter the Purism unbrella that has not already been announced for Librum One?


maybe related to your question