The real dilemma

My current phones battery is sucking bad. I don’t want to buy another phone, because none even comes close to offering what the librem 5 potentially will.

7 more months is going to feel like an eternity.


An eternity long worth the wait, in my mind. (In a similar situation).


Why not just replace the battery? Even most “sealed” phones’ batteries can be replaced. You might need a spudger and some other tools, but these typically cost much less than a new phone. At worst, you might need to take the phone to a shop that has a vacuum chamber, for re-sealing.

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Yeah, it is a google pixel. I looked at the ifixit guide, and it is pretty delicate as far as battery replacements go. To do it myself is just a lot of work, and to pay for someone else to do it, just seems wrong.

I might just get a bargain phone and use it, will probably cost me the same amount as getting someone else to do the battery.

My other experience with replacement batteries is that usually the batteries you replace it with are not very high quality. They tend to start breaking down after a very limited amount of time.

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Even if they let you watch what they are doing, so that you can be confident that they aren’t compromising the phone’s security?