The Shipping Emails

I’ve seen several questions floating around about this, so if anyone wants to see the text of the shipping emails, here’s what I received:

                                Preparing to Ship:

Dear xxxxx

Summary: We are preparing your Librem 5 to ship. We need you to reply to
this email and update your information so we know what to ship and where
to ship it.

First, THANK YOU! It’s your investment in the Librem 5 that has made
this day possible. Creating a freedom-respecting phone like the Librem 5
from scratch was not easy. We have invested years of development and
millions of dollars into bringing the Librem 5 to market and we have
seen many ups and downs along the way. We are excited to ship your
Librem 5 and appreciate the patience and support along the way.

Second, we have added a number of Librem 5 accessories that are in stock
and available now, including our Librem AweSIM privacy-focused unlimited
cellular plan, screen protectors, spare batteries, alternative cellular
modems, USB-C hubs, and many more. Please visit and
place a separate order for all the accessories you would like shipped
with your Librem 5 phone. You can just reply to this email and share
your accessory order number and we will make sure your accessories are
shipped along with your Librem 5.

Third, we need to confirm and update some shipping details about your
Librem 5 order. The last delivery address we have is:

Name: xxxxxxx


Address1: xxxxx



ZIP City, State: xxxxx

Country: US

Phone: xxxxx

Modem included: BM818-A1 (N. America)

Please reply to this email and let us know if the address we have is
correct or if changes are needed. Please let us know if the modem type
is correct one.

Things to come:

As you can expect by being in the front of the line, we will be
releasing software updates constantly to enable new features and improve
existing features. One primary feature that may not be enabled when you
receive your shipment is camera support and the camera app. Be sure to
apply software updates regularly as we expect this remaining feature to
be completed very soon. Thank you for understanding! We are also in the
process of completing CE and FCC certification for the Librem 5 so if
you would like to wait to receive your shipment until after that
certification process is completed, please let us know as well.

We are all very excited to ship the mass-produced Librem 5, we could not
have done this without your support. Thank you again for helping us on
this journey. Check out for recent articles about
the Librem 5 and the rest of our products.

Purism Support


Dear xxxxx,

Thank you for your order from Purism! We wanted to let you know that your order (#Purism_xxxxx) will be shipped via FedEx, FedEx Ground® on 11/17/2020. You can track your package at any time using the link below.

Shipped To:

Track Your Shipment: xxxxx

This shipment includes the following items:
Item # Description Qty
Librem 5 - A Security and Privacy Focused Phone 1

BM818-A1 (N. America)

Thank you for your business and we look forward to serving you in the future!


So there will be a USB-C hub in the store (relatively) shortly(?).